Winter Specials

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Fresh raw BC oyster served in the half shell with our special ponzu sauce, green onion and momiji oroshi (spicy grated daikon radish)


BC oyster in the half shell with chopped Atlantic lobster, house made miso mayonnaise and frying fish roe baked to perfection

*KAKI FRY (available for takeout)

Deep fried panko breaded oyster, served with Tonkatsu sauce

*JALAPENO HAMACHI CARPACCIO (available for takeout)

9 pc thinly sliced fresh Hamachi (Yellow Tail) sashimi. Topped with slice Jalapeño, Yuzu, Shira-flowers and Wasabi Ponzu.

*HAMACHI KAMA-YAKI (available for takeout)

Asian BBQ sauce marinated Yellow Tail Cheek baked to perfection. Served with grated daikon radish, pickled young ginger and lemon wedge.

*YAKI-ONIGIRI (available for takeout)

2 pc Grilled Rice Balls with a savoury soy coating. Served with Japanese pickles.